Helichrysum scorpioides

Button Everlasting

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General Description: Woolly, green leaves form a rosette at the base of this herb, producing an annual, 20-30 cm tall stalk, bearing a single, showy yellow, flower head 3 cm across.

Flowers and Fruit: Everlasting daisy flower bright yellow in colour from September to February. Fruit consists of dark cylindrical seeds, 3-4 mm long, crowned feathery bristles.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Very hardy, remove flowering stems after flowering. Prefers well drained soils.

Life Span: Can be short lived in cultivation but can treat as an annual and collect seeds to replant. Once properly established will keep coming up for many years.

Wildlife Value: Good butterfly food plant, used by Australian Painted Lady butterfly. Insects and ants are known to eat seeds and flowers are pollinated by insects.

Other Values and Uses: This everlasting daisy has long-lasting and showy flowers.It is spectacular in flower; it may be grown in containers or rockeries or used in mass plantings and is an excellent dried flower.

Other Common Names: Curled Everlasting

Germination Information: Seed should germinate in two to five weeks. Light will give increased results so only cover lightly with soil.