Goldfields Revegetation

Goldfields Revegetation has grown many threatened species for us and for other landholders. They cater to a demand for indigenous plants in Central and Northern Victoria as well as Metropolitan Melbourne. New proprietor Ashley Elliott is passionate about the local flora and its ability to survive and indeed thrive under pretty harsh conditions. This native plant nursery has over 2000 indigenous and selected native species for everyone’s gardening, landscaping, farming and environmental needs.Goldfields Revegetation invites you to visit their award winning native plant nursery and to see the Environmental Shop at the nursery which has cards, unusual gifts, books, nesting boxes, bird feeders, rabbit guards, terracotta pots and environmental information.

A & B Trees, Heathcote

I have been working with Liz from A & B Trees for many years and she is responsible for growing almost all of our beautiful Banksia trees. Liz has grown many other plants for us including difficult to grow and threatened species. Liz has very high standards and grows excellent plants at very reasonable rates that are sought after by landcare and other groups in her area. A & B Trees, Heathcote is a native plant nursery, specializing in indigenous plants of Central Victoria. It was established in 1990, and grows a range of trees, shrubs and lower understorey plants, including grasses, herbs and daisies. Liz also grows a range of open pollinated vegetable and herb seedlings, including many Heirloom varieties. I have found it is easier and cheaper to get my vegetable seedlings from Liz rather than continuing to grow them myself. Liz and her partner also offer tree planting, direct seeding and weed control services.

Birdlife Australia

BirdLife Australia is a relatively recent name change for an organisation which is the result of the merger of Birds Australia and Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (BOCA). For more than 100 years, Birds Australia and BOCA have been powerful advocates for native birds and the conservation of their habitats. Now, they have joined forces to create BirdLife Australia, the country’s largest organisation devoted to the future of our native birdlife. We have been members of Birds Australia for many years and look forward to their regular, very interesting, magazines that were called Wingspan and are now called Australian Birdlife.

Trust for Nature

Trust for Nature is a not-for-profit organisation that works to protect native plants and wildlife in cooperation with private landowners.  Trust for Nature developed conservation covenants as a way to protect native plants and wildlife on private land, and they have now protected more than 47,000 hectares through more than 1,115 perpetual conservation covenants in Victoria.  We have a Trust for nature covenant on 40 acres of our high quality remnant bush and this gives us confidence that it will be protected for ever.

Australian Native Plants Society

Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) – formerly known as the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). Have been growing and promoting Australian Plants since 1957. If you are interested in the cultivation, propagation, conservation and appreciation of Australia’s native flora, then this is a great site to visit. The Society’s main publication is the journal Australian Plants which is issued 4 times per year. Australian Plants attempts to strike a balance between articles of practical interest to the average grower and scientific research papers.

Penny Woodward, Edible and Useful Plants

Libby’s sister Penny Woodward has written seven published books and many articles, especially for Organic Gardener magazine. Penny’s books have fantastic information on many subjects like herbs, Asian vegetables, garlic, community gardens and herbal remedies. One of Penny’s books is available through Victorian Native Seed and the rest can be purchased from Penny’s website by using this link. Penny is also available to give talks to interested groups and to write and provide photos for articles, all for a reasonable fee.

Viridans Biological Database

This company sells easy-to-use desktop or web-based guides to the plants and animals of Victoria.  They contain descriptions, photographs, identification aids and distribution data for virtually all species of vascular plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs that live in the wild in this state. We have been using the CDs of Wild Plants of Victoria and Wild Animals of Victoria for the last 3 years and have found them to be very valuable resources. Wild Plants of Victoria was very useful when we put together the species information for this site. We used it in particular for the correct scientific and common names and for the other names of plants.