Pimelea humilis

Common Rice-flower

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General Description: A dwarf and compact shrub, to 30 cm tall, with trusses of white flowers covering the plant in spring and summer.

Flowers and Fruit: Flower-head is a cluster of tubular, 4-petalled white flowers. Stem is hairy beneath the flower-head, flowers from September to November. Fruit is a dry capsule, about 5 mm long.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Tolerates dryness once established. Flowers better with extra summer moisture. Prefers sandy soils of woodlands and heathlands and is mostly found on the lower slopes. It also grows in heavier, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. It does not tolerate salt winds but does tolerate light frost.

Life Span: This is a small perennial forb that regenerates easily and persists well in the Australian environment.

Wildlife Value:  is an important source of nectar for butterflies.

Other Values and Uses: Will grow under established trees and is good for low maintenance gardens. It is also ideal for rockeries, cottage-style gardens, courtyards, poolside, container growing, and a flower garden. It is a good decorative and low maintenance shrub, which is drought and frost tolerant. Does well in sun or partial shade, in a range of soil types provided they drain well. Light trim is needed to keep it compact.

Other Common Names: Dwarf Rice-flower, Small Rice-flower

Germination Information: Very difficult to grow from seed, untreated seed has poor germination. Some success has occurred with the burning of small twigs and leaf litter on top of the seed but this is not dependable.