Burchardia umbellata


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General Description: A slender, annual herb, to 65 cm tall, with one or two, narrow, grass-like fleshy leaves at the base of erect stems bearing 2-9 white, honey scented, flowers at the top.

Flowers and Fruit: White, star-shaped, to 20 mm wide. Flowers from July to November. The pink triangular ovary in the centre of the flower remains after flowering as a dried capsule, to 15 mm long, which remains attached to the top of the stem long after the small, brown seeds have fallen.

Site Preference and Tolerances: A variety of woodlands and forests at low altitudes. Requires moist, well drained soil.

Life Span: Plants always die down during dry weather and regenerate from persistent fibrous rootstock.

Wildlife Value: Flowers are insect pollinated.

Other Values and Uses: These plants produce carrot-like tubers which were dug up by the indigenous peoples, then cooked and eaten. They contain good amounts of starch and were gathered year round.

Other Common Names: Popoto (Koorie name), Star-of-Bethlehem

Germination Information: Sow seed in autumn and should have good results in one to two months. Light will give increased germination so only cover lightly with soil.