Eucalyptus ovata

Swamp Gum

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$0.60 / gram 450 currently unavailable Glenlyon/Denver

General Description: A medium to tall tree to 30 m tall, often branching quite near to the ground. Bark dark brown and sub-fibrous on lower trunk, smooth and mostly pale grey on upper trunk and branches.

Flowers and Fruit: White flowers are produced from March to July. Fruit is on a very short stalk and is funnel-shaped with a broad, flat rim and 3-4 valves at or slightly below rim.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Poorly-drained clay or alluvial soils near watercourses or swamps, sometimes on slightly drier, undulating hillsides. Prefers sands and clays of swampy flats and poorly drained slopes and hollows. Is able to withstand flooding for several months and will also grow on well drained sites.

Life Span: Long-lived (80+ years)

Wildlife Value: Commonly used by koalas for food and by nectar-feeding birds in winter when other nectar is often scarce. Pardalotes and Striated Thornbills love to eat the lerps on eucalypts. Old trees provide nesting hollows.

Other Values and Uses: Generally considered unsuitable as firewood and timber is pale in colour, soft and not very durable so not good for wood products. Its rather dense crown gives a cool shade. It is quick growing and especially useful for shelterbelts on poorly drained sites.

Other Scientific Names: Eucalyptus ovata var. grandiflora

Germination Information: Can be propagated easily from seed and will direct seed well if weeds are controlled. Usually germinates in 2-5 weeks.