Podolobium procumbens

Trailing Shaggy-pea

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$4.00 / Gram 275 currently unavailable Lauriston
Photograph by Chris Clarke

General Description: A mat-forming, sprawling shrub, to 30 cm tall, with broad leaves and clusters of orange and red pea flowers. Leaves are usually in opposite pairs but sometimes alternate.

Flowers and Fruit: Colourful, peachy-orange pea flowers with red near centre, to 14 mm long. Flowering is from November to January. Fruit is a broadly oblong pod, to 15 mm long and hairy.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Prefers mid-upper, dry slopes.

Life Span: Medium (about 20 years).

Wildlife Value: Insect attracting and provides seed for ants and seed eating fauna.

Other Values and Uses: Larger than average pea-flowers, interesting folded leaves and mat-forming habit make this a particularly lovely garden plant.

Other Scientific Names: Oxylobium procumbens

Other Common Names: Trailing Oxylobium, Trailing Shaggy-pea

Germination Information: Need to break seed dormancy and heat treatment using just boiled water is usually used. I prefer to pour just boiled water over the seed and leave it for at least half an hour to ensure the seedcoat is cracked and the seed has taken in some water.