Microlaena stipoides

Weeping Grass (green)

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General Description: A creeping, leafy perennial grass with slender, arched flower stem to 80 cm long.

Flowers and Fruit: Green flowers along arching stemsfromOctober to February. Green seeds form along the green stems.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Drought and frost tolerant, mildly salt tolerant. Prefers moist well drained soils and does well in semi shade. Excellent low maintenance lawn grass. Widespread in plains grassland, dry and valley forests and woodlands.

Life Span: This is a perennial grass and persists well in the Australian environment.

Wildlife Value: Food plant for seed eating birds. Butterfly Food Plant for caterpillars of Dispar Skipper, Ringed Xenica, Common Brown, Spotted Brown, Common Silver Xenica and White Grass-dart.

Other Values and Uses: One of the best lawn grasses for shady sites, it is often found as a remnant of the original vegetation. If regularly mown or grazed plants form a fine sward with stems as short as a few centimetres. In rural areas grazing by kangaroos sometimes creates weeping grass lawns.

Other Scientific Names: Ehrharta stipoides

Other Common Names: Meadow Ricegrass, Rice Meadow Grass, Weeping Ricegrass

Germination Information: Usually grows well in a few weeks without any treatment.