Acaena novae-zelandiae


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$0.50 / gram 640 5g Denver

General Description: A perennial herb, to 20 cm tall, with long, leaves at the base of erect stems bearing dense, globular clusters of small, cream flowers which become spiny burrs. This rambling plant forms mats which cover the ground.

Flowers and Fruit: Many in a globular cluster to 25 mm wide. Flowers are pale green and cream and fruit is reddish and covered in spines, from August to April.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Adaptable, tolerating wet or dry conditions.

Life Span: This is a perennial plant which persists well in the Australian environment.

Wildlife Value: Provides seed for Rosellas.

Other Values and Uses: Early settlers used the leaves as a tea substitute. A useful soil-binding and ground cover plant that can be used as a lawn substitute but the burrs may be a problem on clothing. If the flowers are mowed a few times before they form burrs this can help this problem.

Other Scientific Names: Acaena anserinifolia, Acaena sanguisorbae, Acaena sanguisorbae ssp. novae-zelandiae, Acaena sanguisorbae subsp. novae-zelandiae

Other Common Names: Biddy-biddy, Biddy-widdy (Tasmania), Buzzy (Tasmania)

Germination Information: Usually grows well in a few weeks without any treatment.