Brunonia australis

Blue Pincushion

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General Description: A perennial herb, to 30 cm tall, with long, narrow leaves at the base of slender stems bearing a hemispherical cluster, to 30 mm wide, of small, blue flowers.

Flowers and Fruit: Dense blue pincushion-like flower-heads from September to February. There are several seeds per fruiting head which form once flowering is finished.

Site Preference and Tolerances: A range of woodlands and grasslands. This plant is easy to propagate from seed or by dividing existing plants. However, they can be difficult to establish and may die after a few years. They should be grown in well drained soils either in full sun or partial shade.

Life Span: Often short lived in cultivation.

Wildlife Value: Provide nectar for butterflies (such as the Meadow Argus butterfly) and other insects.

Other Values and Uses: Makes an excellent container plant. Can treat as an annual and collect seeds to replant. Informal drifts provide a natural look.

Other Scientific Names: Brunonia sericea

Germination Information: Usually grows well in a few weeks without any treatment. Soaking seed for 2 days prior to sowing may improve germination rates. Best germination occurs if seed is sown when the temperatures are a bit cooler as in mid autumn.