Arthropodium strictum

Chocolate Lily

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$5.00 / gram 290 2g Denver

General Description: A slender, grass-like tufted perennial herb, to 1 m tall, with narrow, grass-like leaves and purple flowers on slender, drooping stalks. Flowers smelling of chocolate when crushed.

Flowers and Fruit: Purple, star-shaped, to 15 mm wide, solitary. Flowers October to December

Fruit is a round, 3-chambered capsule, to 7 mm wide, contains small, black seeds.

Site Preference and Tolerances: A variety of lowland woodlands and forests. Prefers well drained soils.

Life Span: Leaves die down to dormant fleshy tuberous rootstock during the dry season, after flowering, and commence regrowth following autumn rains.

Wildlife Value: Flowers are used by a range of insects.

Other Values and Uses: Aborigines roasted the tubers for eating. This is an attractive and adaptable plant. Chocolate or Caramel scented flowers brighten a rockery and add interest to natural bushland areas. Can grow from seed or divide the tuberous rootstock to create new plants.

Other Scientific Names: Arthropodium strictum s.l., Dichopogon strictus

Other Common Names: Grass Lily

Germination Information: Sow seed in Autumn and should have good results in one to two months.