Acacia verticillata

Prickly Moses

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$1.00 / gram 99 2g Glenlyon

Acacia verticillataAcacia verticillataAcacia verticillata

General Description: Prickly, medium to tall shrub to 4 m tall with green, needle-like foliage arranged in whorls and spreading often down curved branches.

Flowers and Fruit: The flower headsare lemon-yellow and cylindrical in shape, flowering can occur from July to December. The seed pods are flat, narrow and almost straight with only slight constrictions between the seed.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Prefer moist but well drained sites on heavy or sandy soils of valleys and hillsides. Will grow in poorly drained, boggy areas and in slightly alkaline soil.

Life Span: Fast growing short-lived plants (less than 20 years) which readily replace themselves from seed.

Wildlife Value: Excellent habitat due to prickly foliage, a favourite nesting site for Blue Wrens. Attracts pollen-feeding insects and insect eating birds. This species is a nectar source for wasps which parasitise leaf-eating scarab beetles.

Other Values and Uses: Nitrogen fixing ability improves soil fertility. Very attractive flowers and good for erosion control and recharge control. May be used as a hedge and to provide shelter.

Other Scientific Names: Mimosa verticillata, Racosperma verticillatum

Germination Information:  Need to break seed dormancy and heat treatment using boiling or just boiled water. I prefer to pour just boiled water over the seed and leave it overnight and then plant the seeds the next morning.