Olearia myrsinoides

Silky Daisy-bush

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General Description: A low sprawling shrub, reaching 50 cm tall, with finely-toothed leaves. Flowers are white and yellow with ‘daisy’ type flower heads. The lower surface of the leaves appears silvery from a dense covering of fine hairs.

Flowers and Fruit: Flowers are in tight terminal bunches of daisy flower-heads to 20mm across on short stalks. There are only 2-4 ray florets per flower-head, Flowers from November to March. Small seeds are carried in the wind by a parachute like structure.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Prefers low to mid slopes. Well drained moist to dry soils of foothill forests. Full sun to semi shade.

Life Span: Short to medium lifespan (less than 20 years).

Wildlife Value: Many insects feed on the flowers and the seed is sometimes also heavily grazed by insects.

Other Values and Uses: Foliage and profuse flowers are attractive, makes a very good garden shrub. Sprawling habit means that it also makes a great ground cover plant. Natural regeneration can be prolific from seed after fire or disturbance if weeds are controlled. Tip prune from an early age to promote growth. Prune back by a third after flowering. Silky Daisy-bush is excellent in mixed shrub plantings and cottage style gardens and is best planted in groups.

Other Scientific Names: Aster myrsinoides

Germination Information: Seed should be surface sown.