Craspedia variabilis

Variable Billy-buttons

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General Description: An erect, perennial herb, to 40 cm tall, with narrow leaves, at the base of and along yellow to red flower stems, which bear a large, round, yellow, ‘button flower’.

Flowers and Fruit: A round, golden yellow, ‘button flower’, to 25 mm diameter, consisting of numerous, small tubular florets. Flowers from September to November.

Site Preference and Tolerances: Widespread from lowlands to mountain areas on sandy to clay-loam, occasionally extending to the sub-alps.

Life Span: Sensitive to moderate disturbance in the wild. Can be short lived in cultivation but can treat as an annual and collect seeds to replant. Once properly established will keep coming up for many years.

Wildlife Value: Good butterfly food plant that also provides food to other insects which in turn provide food for birds.

Other Values and Uses: Spectacular in flower it may be grown in containers or rockeries or used in mass plantings. An excellent dried flower which also suits pond areas.

Other Scientific Names: Craspedia glauca

Other Common Names: Common Billy-buttons

Germination Information: Sow seed in autumn and should have good results in two to four weeks. Light will give increased germination so only cover lightly with soil.