Microseris walteri Only Available Autumn

Yam Daisy

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$20/gram Only Avail Autumn 440 Only Available Autumn currently unavailable Earlston

General Description: An erect, perennial herb to 40 cm tall with large, nodding, yellow, ‘dandelion’ flower head at end of a leafless stem and shiny long narrow toothed leaves.

Flowers and Fruit: Single bright yellow daisy flower-head on a stalk from July to November. Fruit consists of fluffy white seed heads (similar to a dandelion but less fluffy looking).

The flower-heads can sometimes be distinguished quickly from dandelions as Yam Daisy buds droop before opening.

Site Preference and Tolerances: A wide range of woodlands, grasslands and open forests. Prefers well drained soils.

Life Span: Regenerates annually from a fleshy tuberous root.

Wildlife Value: The flowers produce nectar for butterflies and its tubers can be eaten.

Other Values and Uses: The tuberous rootstock was a staple part of the aboriginal diet.Tubers were eaten raw or cooked in baskets and were an important food source.

Other Scientific Names: Microseris aff. lanceolata (Foothills)

Other Common Names: Foothill Yam-daisy, Murrnong (Koorie name), Yam-daisy, Native Dandelion

Germination Information: Sow seed in autumn and should have good results in two to four weeks. Light will give increased germination so only cover lightly with soil.